“… Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone for others.
Unfold your own myth,
without complicated explanation,
so everyone will understand the passage,
We have opened you. … “

Ever since I was introduced to Eastern philosophy and meditation, experience became my main intention for living. My fuel for living life fully.  Earlier,  I had been mostly concerned with thoughts and facts. I believed that the world was discovered through thought, cognitively. I read and I read.  But I hadn’t realized that there is a field beyond words and concepts, to that mysterious space and understanding that life flows not from words on pages, but from each and every moment.  That we too, simple human, are a part of life’s flow.

Two years ago, I took a meditation course. That was the beginning.  Then, introspection and meditation became essential to learning and understanding.  To seeing that being precedes doing. To seeing that understanding the world requires understanding one’s own self.  Meditation led me to see this connection and to realize that the world is a reflection of what’s inside.

Gradually, the ancient wisdom of following my own intuition came into life. This was coupled with the discovery for the art of writing.  Words began to spring to life, full of meaning.   Trust in our own wisdom, not mixed with confusion, came up into sentences through journaling.

So I began to see more clearly, like that clear vision that spring at the fresh hours of morning.  And new purpose kept coming back to me as a mantra: “Asia,” “Asia,” “Asia.” Awake or asleep. In journaling or daydreaming. A continent I had never been to began to feel like home. An Eastern temple in New York, Boston, or Philadelphia magnetically pulled me in. And I began to feel a deep sense of familiarity with the unknown. India came to me often.

At first, I wondered if this intuition was really true, or merely escapism.  And the more I listened, the clearer it became.  Signs from all around met me in mysterious ways.  Poetry began to speak to me from a deep place.  A poem by Frost came up. Then poems by great mystics and great poets, shared by dear friends and loved ones, who knew me well. And soon, a remembrance of that initial heart-felt sense, coming as intentions to follow my own experience. To listen deeply to my intuition.

I decided to travel to Asia because I felt called.   Because not listening to this calling was not being authentic. Not following the journey that belonged to myself only, even if I knew nothing about where I was going. And I decided to write because “happiness is only real when shared” (Into the Wild), and because a few dear people in my life have exemplified creative living.

So here I type this words, at cradle of Asian civilization.  I have come here for meditation and deep learning.  I have come here to let the ancient wisdom of this land and people influence me.    Ultimately aware that my intention along this journey has been inspired in me from the journey of many others who’ve taught me by example that the goal of living is love and self-realization.

Maybe you already know all that I am learning in this moment. Or maybe you learn alongside me in this journey.  Fine either way: I’m happy that the internet can connect us both.  I get a chance to write, and, in the very least, update my loved family about where I have been. Enough for me. And if I am lucky, maybe we can develop connection and further sharing.

So if you have a minute, share what the insights you’ve learned along your journey too.  We’re each other guests here.  And in India, one’s guests are treated as gods.