Agra has more than the Taj Mahal:
The Agra Fort and beautiful temples are there,
but where the world’s most beautiful building can be found,
all else pales in comparison.

The Taj Mahal is a deep work of art,
a Rumi poem that fills up your heart,
a wildflower on the top of a mountain,
a glimpse of heaven on earth.

The ivory-white marble reflects
the purest light of clouds and the sky.
No poem or photograph can reflect
the Taj Mahal’s song of longing.

That longing that became a design,
where citizens from many nations convene,
and together, realize:
At this moment, our reverence is one.

On my first glimpse, I wondered:
How is such a soft, pure, and fragile flower,
born here on this earth?
Is a rose from another realm?

Then I remembered its birth:
an emperor’s love for his wife,
and I realized:
it is right!

On earth we have glimpses of that greater realm,
of love’s dance between this world and the next.
And for all that I’ve seen,
The Taj Mahal is that realm’s clearest design,
a white rose crowning the Garden of Earth.