Every culture has its own way to the numinous and the divine. This is true even for those claiming no belief in either. In Thailand, we light up sky lanterns made of thin blades of rice paper, bamboo wire, and candle, and launch them onto the sky. Each person’s light: a wish, a memory, a hope, a thanksgiving, a blessing, and a dream. Novice monks and senior monks, government officials and royal servants, foreigners and locals—all are one in the night of Yi Peng and Loi Krathong.

At that time, we realize that the human spark can shine outwards. At that time, we realize that the human collective can light up the whole sky. And upwards we look, following with our eyes lanterns flying towards the Buddhas of the sky—stars. One minute, and there they go, fighting dust, clouds and thunders beyond the earth, transcending the darkness. Will you let your light shine? Will you not be afraid of your own spark? Will you say yes to the human flame inside your heart, and let it brighten up the darkness of the night sky?