March 23, 2017

We are above the clouds. Helicopters fly below our sight. Up here, very few trees survive, mostly yak. From a fancy hotel, we watch Mt. Everest. A cold wind blows on our skin, and a eagle flies above our heads. We are at 3,880 meters above shore, overlooking, with awe, at the earth from above. 

It is beautiful up here, but not all is joy. We all feel slightly off. Altitude sickness isn’t fun. And up here it is freezing cold. Last night, I woke up in sweat when the temperature was low enough to make ice-cream. Heart beating fast, heat building up underneath my skin. Oxygen, please tell me, where have you been? 

Thank God today, our sole job is rest and adapt. This is our second night at Namche, Nepal. Here, there are cafés and shops, pharmacies and even Tibetan doctors . A piece of civilization in one of the most remote mountain regions in the world.

Emanuel and I got now sip on some high-altitude herbal tea. I contemplate, with a slight headache, how amazing human beings adapt to wherever they find themselves, and bow to the mountains at whose feet I stand.