Mindful Travel Writing

Meditations, writings, reflections and insights


Welcome to this little corner of spiritual lessons and insights, contemplations and reflections on the nature of mind and heart.

In July of 2016, I left the United States in the pursuit of something every human being is, consciously or unconsciously, in the pursuit of: happiness and self-realization. Boarding onto an airplane a month after after leaving my job in the U.S., I went to India, where I started my sojourns of soul and spirit, before exploring the hills of Thailand, the mountains of Nepal, and the history of our Western religions in Israel and Palestine.

This blog is an encounter with my voice as it was forming during that year, which came to be as I went on the go. Mindfulness, meditations, travels, and writings. I hope this small website, containing my contemplations and insights, serves you as it served me while I went along the journey of my mid-twenties, navigating the sea of potential that comes through living curiously at the heart of mindful discovery.